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    TaiZhou Zheng Xin Rubber Co., Ltd. is the original Sanmen County Miller Rubber Factory was founded in 2004, located in China’s gold coastline in the central - Sanmen Bay, known as "China Tape Industrial City", "China Crab Township "Reputation. On the three high-speed, Ningbo-Taiwan high-speed intersection in the territory, from Ningbo Airport, Luqiao Airport 100 km or so, the traffic is very convenient. Is a professional engaged in the development and production of rubber products of private enterprises, supporting the production of various miscellaneous pieces of rubber, widely used in railways, highways and civilian factories and mines, etc. In recent years with the major research institutes to develop a series of highly difficult rubber products, By the Ministry of Railways sampling sleeper rubber block, concrete pillow rail with rubber pad p60 p50 and spring I, II-type fastener baffle and other tests all qualified.

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